Your Privacy is Important to Us

AWE (Assessing Women in Engineering) is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. We want to provide a safe, secure user experience. We will use our best efforts to ensure that the information you submit to us remains private, and is used only for the purposes described in the website. The AWE database is on a secured server. Only authorized personnel are able to view your information.

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Information About AWE Benchmarking Users

We gather aggregate and general information on the use of the website, such as how the site is used or which information is of most interest to end-users of the site. Users in this case are always anonymous. This information helps us to improve the site.

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Security When Transmitting Personal Information

Whenever you enter information into one of the AWE websites and submit it to the server, the information will be transmitted from the location of your computer to a secure server. Although unlikely, it is possible for others to intercept the information on its way from your location to our server. However, we have secured the website where you enter your institutional data, making it very hard for others to view or intercept that information when it is being transmitted. Secure websites use an encryption process where the information is encoded before it is sent from your computer and decoded when it reaches its location.

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Security of Stored Information in the Database

While your information is being stored in the AWE database, it can only be viewed by NSF AWE authorized personnel. Prior approval is always needed to gain access to the information in the database. The database is protected through several security measures such as firewalls, access codes, etc.

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General Information Disclosure

Other than the uses above, AWE does not provide information to anyone other than individuals indicated as end users in About AWE, the only exception being when AWE is required by law to provide information, or to protect AWE and our users.

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Updating Account Information

Users of the AWE website may change or correct personal information at any time by logging on with their individual user ID and following the instructions for editing.

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AWE welcomes feedback. This feedback may be used to help publicize the site and will be used to improve the site. Any comments or questions can be directed to

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Privacy Commitment Changes

Registered users will be notified if the privacy policy changes. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about the AWE privacy commitment, e-mail



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