Faculty/Researcher Home Pages

These websites offer insights and publications from individual professors and/or activists in the field.

Richard Felder's Home Page
This website offers content-filled articles and research on teaching techniques and evaluation with an emphasis on engineering education.

Bernice Sandler
" Dr. Bernice Resnick Sandler creates strategies for organizations and individuals to improve equity for women in education and the workplace." The site includes practical research-based techniques to actively pursue gender equity in the classroom environment.

Virginia Valian
" Dr. Valian is a cognitive scientist whose research ranges from first and second language acquisition to gender differences and gender equity." See links to "The Gender Equity Project" and the "Tutorials for Change: Gender Schemas and Science Careers."

Frank Pajares
Dr. Pajares is an award winning professor in Educational Studies at Emory University. He has written extensively about self-efficacy, recently publishing a series on adolescent learning and self-efficacy. This website is full of information about self-efficacy, including full text chapters and articles, reference lists, and names of self-efficacy researchers in many fields.

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