AWE Links

The following are sets of links that can inform your work in developing, implementing, assessing and researching topics relevant to recruiting and retaining women in engineering. Click on each category to see a list of links for that category.

Assessment and Evaluation Resources
These Web sites provide a glossary and a primer for assessment and evaluation.

Faculty/Researcher Home Pages
These Web sites offer insights and publications from individual professors and/or activists in the field.

These journals are devoted in whole or part to women in science and engineering. Particularly relevant special editions of a journal are indicated. Most Web sites for the journals have searchable indexes and some provide abstracts or full text articles.

Knowledge Base and Statistical Resources
These cites provide comprehensive information on knowledge and statistics related to women in engineering and engineering, including the WEPAN Knowledge Center, the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology, and annotated bibliographies.

Online Publications
The publications mentioned here are best accessed online because they are issued in serial form and are updated frequently.

Organizations for Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology
These organizations advocate for women’s advancement in SMET fields.

Other Resources
Each of these sites contains a collection of publications available online in full text and/or provides extensive information about the STEM literature, such as a search engine or a bibliography.


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