These journals are devoted in whole or part to women in science and engineering. Particularly relevant special editions of a journal are indicated. Most websites for the journals have searchable indexes and some provide abstracts or full text articles.

International Journal of Engineering Education
Special issue, Volume 18, Number 4 is devoted to gender issues.

Journal of Engineering Education
Website includes search function by title, author or index.

Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering
This journal is entirely devoted to the subject and a good first stop for a literature review.

National Women's Studies Association Journal (NWSA Journal)
Two special issues: Volume 12, Number 3: The science and politics of the search for sex differences; Volume 12, Number 1: (Re)Gendering science fields.

SWE Magazine
The magazine of the Society of Women Engineers features an annual literature review edition as well as covers career development, relevant research, new books and more. Back issues are available via the Internet.

SWE Journal

Woman Engineer
On the lighter side, this is non-academic journal offers practical advice to students and women working in industry.

Women's Studies Quarterly
Volume 28, Numbers 1&2, encompass a special issue entitled: Building inclusive science: Connecting women's studies and women in science and engineering.

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